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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Newsletter

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Fall 2013 Archive - CUGR Fall Fellowship Announcements

Congratulations to the CLAS recipients of the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) fall 2013 research and creative activity fellowships!

  1. Emily Blackwood & Samuel Hatch, Pollen and Phytolime Analysis of a Possible Medicine Bundle From Machias Bay, Brian S. Robinson, Anthropology,  CLAS
  2. Campbell Belisle Haley, All in the Phamily: Understanding Maintenance of Lysogeny in Cluster A2 Mycobacteriophage EvilGenius and ChipMunk,  Keith Hutchinson, Biochemistry/Spanish, NSFA/CLAS
  3. Sylvia Allain, Virtual Modeling of Forest Populations in Maine Given the Introduction of Invasive Plant Species, Nicholas Giudice, Computer Science, CLAS
  4. Chelsea Folger, Prenatal Exposure to Methadone Disrupts Oxytocin Regulation of Maternal Infant Attachment, Marie Hayes, Psychology, CLAS
  5. Morgan Cates & Jacob Whitaker, Presenting Standards-Based Choral Workshops for Middle and High School Music Classrooms,  Laura Artesani, Division of Music, CLAS
  6. Derek Drouin, Steve Elmer, Evaluation of Bilateral Deficient in Cyclists During Maximal Cycling Exercise, KPE-Exercise Science/STEM, COEHD/CLAS
  7. Dagmar Ralphs, Comparison of Whole-Limb Power and Asymmetry in Individuals with Total Knee Replacements, Steve Elmer, KPE-Exercise Science/STEM, COEHD/CLAS
  8. Hong Yi Dong & David Searle, Schedi: Centralized Time Management System, Mike Scott, New Media, CLAS
  9. Regina Smith, Monitoring and Tracking Environmental Variable of Closed Systems: A Utilization of Live Sensor Data, Mike Scott & Frank Drummond, New Media, CLAS
  10. Nathaniel Lawson, Augmented Reality Graffiti: Reconciling Art and Crime, Mike Scott, New Media, CLAS
  11. Randima Rodrigo, Anthropomorphlizing Sculpture Can Enhance Viewer’s Experience, Mike Scott, New Media/Studio Art, CLAS
  12. Ryan Hall, Long Term Effects of Chemotherapy: Theraputic Potential of Anti-Depressants, Thane Fremouw, Psychology, CLAS
  13. Mariah Bundy, Movement Arousals and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of OPRM1 and COMT Genes in Neonatal Opiate Withdrawal, Marie Hayes, Psychology, CLAS
  14. Rachael Valentine Torres, Factors Associated with Controlled and Uncontrolled Arterial Hypertension, Michael A. Robbins, Psychology/Anthropology, CLAS
  15. Amanda Dickey, Longitudinal Study of Motoric Competency in Toddlers with Prenatal Exposure to Method, Marie Hayes, Psychology, CLAS/HONORS
  16. Henry Norwood, Social Ostracism: Effects on Nuclear Weapon Attitudes, Jordan LaBouff, Psychology/Political Science, CLAS
  17. Ryan Tardiff, An Investigation of the Differential Effects of Psychosocial Stress Appraisal on Working Memory, Shawn Ell, Psychology, CLAS
  18. Ethan Stetson, The Moral Foundations of Religion, Jordan LaBouff, Psychology,   CLAS
  19. Sarah Lange, Effects of RENEW Training on Muscle-Tendon and Leg Spring Stiffness, Steve Elmer, KPE-Exercise Science/ STEM, COEHD/CLAS
  20. Morgan Kinney, Measuring Automatic Emotional Responses to Homosexuals, Jordan LaBouff, Psychology, CLAS/HONORS
  21. Megan Dunphy, Race and Economic Competition as Predictors of Immigration Policy Support,  Jordan LaBouff, Psychology, CLAS/HONORS
  22. Abigail Szotkowski, Religious Priming and Attitudes Toward Sexuality, Jordan LaBouff, Psychology, CLAS/HONORS

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