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Choosing a Major

Whether you are thinking about changing your major or are currently undeclared, the CLAS Advising Center is here to help you! Selecting a major can sometimes be difficult and make you feel anxious. However, the University of Maine and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has dedicated faculty and staff to assist you through this process.

During your first academic year at the University of Maine, you will be encouraged to complete courses that not only fulfill General Education categories, but that also go towards a major of interest. Through various Group Advising Sessions, one-on-one advising meetings and joint programs with campus resources like the Career Center, students will receive guidance and support while selecting a major.

Prior to making an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the CLAS Advising Center, take time and review the available majors offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. There are numerous majors and minors for CLAS student to choose from. For an extensive list, please visit the Academic Link of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences website or the College and Programs Link of the Undergraduate Catalog website.

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