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ACS symposium (August 10-13, 2014) and University of Pittsburgh Award Honoring Chemistry Faculty Member

Symposium at ACS meeting in San Francisco (August 10-14, 2014) and
University of Pittsburgh award honoring Chemistry Faculty member.

Professor Alenka Luzar (Virginia Commonwealth University)and Dr. Gerhard Hummer (Director, Theoretical Biophysics, Max Planck Institute,Frankfurt, Germany) have organized a four-day symposium in honor of Jay Rasaiahat the 248th ACS national meetingin San Francisco (for details see:

Dr. Senevi Samaratunga and graduate student Dylan Suvlu (speaker) will presenta paper on their joint work with Rasaiah and Professor D. Thirumalai (Universityof Maryland) on helix formation in open nanotubes. The program has 41 other speakers including Professors Francois Amar and Scott Collins from Chemistry and Dean Astumian from Physics.

The University of Pittsburgh Chemistry department has honored Professor Rasaiah with a Distinguished Alumni award to be celebrated atPittsburgh on September 19, 2014.

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