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Breakthrough Research
Sept. 22, 2010
UMaine chemists, graduate student Gedivinne Nilmini, and Professors Ray Fort and Barbara Cole have isolated shikimic acid from white pine tree needles. Shikimic acid is a starting material for the anti-flu drug, Tamiflu. (See full story here.)

Congratulations to chemistry majors, staff and faculty for a great year! The Department of Chemistry 2010-2011 Scholarship & Award winners are listed below.


  • Hach Scholarship:  Carly Gaudette
  • Brautlecht Scholarship: Laura St. Pierre
  • Brautlecht Scholarship: Sara Knowles
  • Brautlecht Scholarship: Carly Gaudette
  • Wolfhagen Scholarship: William Laliberte
  • Brian Green Organic Chemistry Book Award: Anne Campbell
  • ACS Maine Section Award: Dan Moberg
  • Russ Scholarship: John Badger
  • Russ Scholarship: Todd Conner
  • Goodfriend Scholarship: Nicholas Harvey
  • Goodfriend Scholarship: Scott Wiseley
  • Goodfriend Scholarship: Valerie Smith
  • Outstanding Student in Analytical Chemistry Award: John Badger
  • Hubert and Patricia Ranger Scholarship:  Sorel Edes
  • Hubert and Patricia Ranger Scholarship:  Jordan Trasko
  • CRC Press Chemistry Award Scholarship: Meaghan McKinnon
  • Outstanding TAs in General Chem Award: Srimal Garusinghe & Qiong Wang
  • Outstanding TA in Organic Chem Award: Nilmini Gedivinni
  • CLAS Outstanding Graduating International Student: Brenna Walsh
  • Nominee for CLAS Outstanding Graduate Student: Asela Chandrasoma
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