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Department - ACS Student Member Group

ACS Student Members at the University of Maine organized Chem Fest 2011 in celebration of National Chemistry Week.

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ACS Student Member Group
University of Maine Chapter

President: Dan Roy
Vice-President: Valerie L. Smith
Secretary: Kaiya Hansen
Treasurer: Christopher Goodwin

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The Maine chapter of the ACS invited Dr. Morton Hoffman, from Boston University to help in the celebration of NCW and the celebration of new ACS student members. His talk on “Making a Chemistry with Career” was attending by about 100 students and faculty from the UMaine campus and six local High Schools. Slides from the presentation are included in the link below:


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On December 31, 2006, the University of Maine Chapter of Student Affiliates celebrated its 60th anniversary. The original charter, housed in Orono at the UMaine Department of Chemistry, was signed by ACS president Bradley Dewey on December 31, 1946 and shown below.


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