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Professor. Fluid mechanics, rheology, numerical methods, coating processes.
Associate Professor. Polymer processing, non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, rheology, transport phenomena, applied numerical methods.
Professor. Inorganic membrane synthesis and characterization, application of chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition to membrane synthesis, filtration for microdevices, and selective adsorption materials synthesis and characterization.
Calder Professor. Oxygen delignification, refining, pulping, pulp bleaching.
Associate Professor. Process information systems, heat transfer.
Associate Professor.  Photophysics of nanoparticles and molecular nanoprobes, single molecule imaging, time-resolved single photon spectroscopic imaging techniques.
Associate Professor. Microbial biosensors, physiological genomics of the zebrafish, fluorescence technology.
Professor. Determination of the orientation and conformation of interfacial species, surface spectroscopies/microscopies.
Professor and Department Chair. Sensor development, colloid systems, particulate and multiphase processes, pulp and paper manufacture.
Professor Emeritus. Fundamentals of adsorption and adsorption processes.
  • Sara L. Walton
    Ph.D. (University of Maine, 2011)
Associate Professor. Chemical sensors, fundamental catalysis (surface science).
J. Larcom Ober Professor of Chemical Engineering. Selectivity improvement during oxygen and ozone bleaching, rate processes and modeling of char bed burning, effect of fiber properties on paper wetting.
Associate Professor. Renewable energy, fuels and chemicals; bioprocessing; process engineering.

Cooperating Faculty

  • Barbara J. W. Cole
    Ph.D. (Washington, 1986)
Professor of Chemistry.
  • Douglas J. Gardner
    Ph.D. (Mississippi State, 1985)
Associate Professor of Wood Science and Technology.
  • Stephen M. Shaler
    Ph.D. (Penn State, 1986)
Professor of Wood Science and Technology and Forest Engineering.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Ian D. Dickey
    M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
Eastern Maine Medical Center
  • Darrell W. Donahue
Maine Maritime Academy
  • Sean Ireland
Verso Paper Corporation
  • Nancy Kravit
Tethys Research
  • Nick Triantafillopollous
    Ph.D. (IPST, 1988)
Omnova Corp.