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Middle School Collaborative - Middle School Engineers

Middle School Collaborative (MSC)
Guided-Inquiry in Middle School Mathematics and Science

Middle School Collaborative Series 2008-09

Workshop #3

Middle School Engineers: ¬†Mirroring current research being conducting at the University of Maine‘s Advanced Engineering Wood Composites (AEWC) Center.

The Advanced Engineering Wood Composites (AEWC) Center at the University of Maine in Orono, is conducting cutting edge and collaborative research on hybrid wood composites, which are 6 to 7 times stronger than wood alone. We will use inquiry to make and test wood composite planks to determine the most durable recipe.

Date:  January  27th
Time: 4:30 -7:30PM
Location: 114 Bennett Hall, University of Maine, Orono

This activity is supported by National Science Foundation award #EPS-0554545 to Maine EPSCoR
at the University of Maine

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