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Information for Current Students - Jackson Laboratory Student Internships

MST Research Internship Program at The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory and the University of Maine, with financial support from The Howard Hughes Medical Institute and The Bank of America, Trustee for the Lloyd D. Balfour Foundation, offer a spring semester research internship for MST students. The program consists of research at The Jackson Lab and a UMaine course that helps MST interns integrate their research experience into their teaching.  This program also is open to in-service teachers that helps teachers integrate their research experience into their teaching.  All middle and high school science and mathematics teachers in Maine are invited to apply.

Under the guidance of a scientist-mentor, participants work full-time on a research project at Jackson Lab, earning 3 graduate credits from the Univ. of Maine. They also attend a 3-credit course (SMT 507 – Research-related Curriculum Development in Science & Mathematics) taught by UMaine faculty at Jackson Lab. The course will explore pedagogical strategies that help students learn to think independently and will provide opportunities to develop guided inquiry-based curricula.  Interns will read background literature, write a research proposal, conduct the research, and summarize and present findings orally and in a written research paper.

The Lab has a limited number of rooms in a house near the Jackson Laboratory campus available for teachers at a low price.

At this time, we are not accepting any more applications for Spring 2012, and the applications that we do have, have been submitted to the Jackson Laboratory mentor list for selection.  Keep checking back for updates and new applications.  Applications are typically due at the end of October or until all slots have been filled.  They are available for students enrolled in the previous semester that they wish to apply for, and a year ahead for teachers (in order to apply to their school for sabbatical time).

  • MST Student Internship Application – 2011


Jon Moyer - Visualizing chromatin dynamics in the oocyte-to-embryo transition

Bhupendra Nagpure - JaxResearchPoster_Nagpure


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