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These people can help you with the day-to-day business of the Center:

  • Erika Allison, MainePSP Project Operations Director
  • Jason Baker, Maine PSP Resource Coordinator
  • Lauren Barth-Cohen, Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Kelley Bernier, MainePSP Resource Assistant
  • Travis Hall, MaineESP Project Coordinator
  • Jeong-yoon Jang, Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Levi Lucy, MainePSP K-12 Initiatives Coordinator
  • Laura Millay, MainePSP Research and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Leisa S. Preble, Administrative Specialist
  • Tracy Richardson, MainePSP Financial and Personnel Manager
  • Edie Sherman, MainePSP Online Community & Data Manager
  • Medea Steinman, MainePSP Campus Initiatives Coordinator
  • Erin Vinson, STEM Professional Development Coordinator

Other staff involved with the Center:

  • Frank Dudish, Lecturer in Physics and Center Research Associate

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