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Faculty - Daniel Capps

Daniel K. CappsDan Capps
Assistant Professor of Science Education and member of the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education

Office: 324 Shibles Hall
(207) 581-2422

Dan Capps – Current CV


  • 1998  B.S., Geology  Hope College
  • 2001  Teaching Credential  Indiana University
  • 2002  M.S., Geology  Indiana University
  • 2007  M.S., Education  Indiana University
  • 2011   Ph.D., Learning, Teaching, & Social Policy  Cornell University


As a former middle school science teacher and a graduate of a school of education, I am passionate about teaching and teacher education. I have over fifteen years of teaching experience ranging from kindergarten to adult education in a variety of settings including, public and private schools and in nontraditional education settings. Currently, I teach classes through the RiSE Center (e.g., SMT 500 & SMT 589), but in the near future I will be teaching courses in the College of Education and Human Development.


My research focuses on supporting teachers (and ultimately their students) in understanding more about what science is and the many ways it is practiced. Much of my research has centered on teacher learning and teacher change connected with reform-based education. Specifically, I have worked on supporting teachers in learning science content knowledge (e.g. geologic concepts, evolution, and nature of science) through inquiry and in enacting inquiry-based instruction in their classrooms. I am also interested in developing a chain of evidence to connect teacher learning with student learning after professional development.


Selected publications:

Capps, D.K., & Crawford, B.A. (2012). Inquiry-based instruction and teaching about nature of science: Are they happening? Journal of Science Teacher Education.

Meyer, X., Capps, D.K., Crawford, B.A., Ross, R.M. (2012). Enhancing student knowledge of geology and nature of science through an authentic geological investigation in a dual language classroom. Journal of Geoscience Education.

Capps, D. K., Crawford, B. A., & Constas, M. A. (2012). A Review of Empirical Literature on Inquiry Professional Development: Alignment with Best Practices and a Critique of the Findings. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 23(3), 291-318.

Capps, D.K. (2012). A simple lesson illustrating inquiry-based teaching. Science Scope.

Capps, D.K., Capps, K.A., & Crawford, B.A. (2008). A student centered project focused on obtaining clean drinking water for the community. Science Scope, 32(4), 57-59.




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