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Current Students - Sundance (Sunny) Campbell

Sundance CampbellSundance Campbell
Mathematics Concentration

Office: 417 Neville Hall
Campus Phone: 207-581-3932

Advisor: Dr. Robert Franzosa, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics

Currently teaching MAT 103


2009   Bach. of University Studies   University of Maine (minor in Business Administration)

Research Interest: Student difficulties in differential calculus.

Bio:  I was thrilled to join the MST program in 2012 after a fourteen-year career working in the financial services industry.   I am a Maine native that returned to settle in Winterport with my family after spending ten years living in Massachusetts, Florida and New Hampshire.  My wife, daughter and I enjoy all that Maine has to offer, especially the recreational opportuites offered by our amazing natural resources, and the great friends and family we have nearby.


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