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2005 - 2005 Presentations


Dr. Fred Goldberg, Professor of Physics
San Diego State University, San Diego, California

Presentation abstracts:
“Research-based Curriculum Design in Physics: Examples from two projects.”
Dr. Goldberg will describe some general pedagogical principles that can promote meaningful learning, and then provide examples from two major materials development projects: Constructing Ideas in Physical Science (CIPS), a middle-school curriculum, and Physics for Elementary Teachers (PET), a college or workshop curriculum.

Keynote: “Which falls faster, a soccer ball or a bowling ball? How curriculum, social interaction and classroom norms can promote meaningful learning”.
In this talk conference participants will view and discuss a video example of a small group of college students trying to understand the phenomenon of dropping objects.  The video serves as a context for how student learning is facilitated by research-informed curriculum, social interaction, and appropriate classroom norms.


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