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Fall 2009 - Ryan Weatherbee – Oct. 19

Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research
Colloquia & Seminar Series


Ryan Weatherbee
Master of Science in Teaching candidate
Advisor: Molly Schauffler, Assistant Professor, Climate Change Institute

A longitudinal assessment of student content knowledge
in an undergraduate marine science program

Within the School of Marine Sciences’ (UMaine) undergraduate program, the biological concept of primary production (the production of organic compounds via photosynthesis) is a central topic in the curriculum.  There is, however, no program-wide methodology in place to evaluate student understanding of this subject.  My MST thesis project involves developing and implementing a content-knowledge assessment that will track changes in student understanding of primary production. The goals of the assessment are to: (1) identify how well the student population understands primary production; (2) identify where in the program the knowledge is least/most advanced, and; (3) identify persistent and emergent misconceptions which might aide instructional decision making within the program.  In this talk, I will emphasize the methodology I have used to develop the assessment survey.

Monday, October 19, 2009
165 Hill Auditorium
Engineering, Science and Research Building


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