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November 4 – RiSE Center Colloquium

October 31st, 2013

Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center)
Colloquia & Seminar Series


 Erika Allison
Project Director, MainePSP

Susan McKay
Professor of Physics, Director of the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education, and MainePSP Principal Investigator

The Maine Physical Sciences Partnership (MainePSP)
as a Generator of New Opportunities

During the last six months, faculty members from the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education Research (RiSE Center) have received over $8 million in grants.  This rapid growth in funding, spread among so many different RiSE faculty members, is linked directly to the MainePSP and, in many cases, to the new faculty members that this project has attracted and supported.  Those involved with the MainePSP have sought additional funding to build upon and sustain its work.  In this colloquium, Erika and Susan, with input from other RiSE Center faculty, will talk informally about these new research and programmatic opportunities and how they are important in sustaining the MainePSP’s work and building capacity for future projects involving UMaine and its partners.

Monday, November 4, 2013
3:00 pm
Arthur St. John Hill Auditorium, 165 Barrows Hall

Snacks will be provided at 2:45 in the Hill Auditorium Lobby.

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