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2014 Camden International Film Festival Course


CAMDEN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL named top 12 documentary film festival in the WORLD  by John Anderson and Beth Hana of indieWIRE


The Camden International Film Festival Course – Fall 2014


Announcing a special three-credit UMaine course with four classes at the University of Maine campus on Saturdays –September 13, September 20, November 8 and December 6, 2014 plus festival attendance on September 25 – 28, 2014.

10th Annual Camden International Film Festival CIFF Course

September 25 – 28, 2014

The Camden International Film Festival was recently recognized as one of the top 25 documentary film festivals in the world and described as “one of the nation’s best small-town film festivals” by POV included among other great fests (Big Sky, T/F, Traverse City, Telluride), the only one mentioned in New England.

Course Description
This course will teach students to critically assess documentary films, so that they can participate fully in the Camden International Film Festival. Preparatory classes will engage students in the critical language, history, and potentials of documentary filmmaking. Besides attending the screenings at the Festival, students will have opportunities to discuss the films in public forums, and meet for further dialogues in seminar conferences with some of the filmmakers and key industry leaders. Selected final projects may be screened at the 2014 festival.

Attendees have the opportunity for intimate interaction with filmmakers through events specifically created to facilitate such relationships. Students in the class receive a student pass for admission to special events that include panels, workshops and musical performances. Filmmakers and film industry professionals lead morning classes that are arranged for students in the course by the film festival managers.

Course Designators
ARH 361 For students pursuing Documentary History and Theory research
ENG 429
NMD 398
UST 300
There are no pre-requisites for this course and faculty permission is not required.

Michael Grillo, Associate Professor, History of Art
Mike Scott, Lecturer in New Media
Tony Brinkley, Professor of English and Senior Faculty Associate, Franco-American Centre

Questions about course content can be addressed to: Professor Michael Grillo (tel: 207-581-3246) or