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Training and Technical Assistance System

The Office of Head Start (OHS) has designed its Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) system to support program staff in their delivery of quality services to children and families. The OHS T/TA System consists of three components: The National Centers; state-based T/TA specialists; and direct TA funding to grantees. Structured, intentional, high-quality T/TA is most likely to occur when the three components work together.

National Centers

Six National Centers function as a team to provide Head Start grantees with consistent information from the Office of Head Start (OHS) across all service areas. The National Centers are comprised of expert knowledge and training teams from across the country. Centers communicate best practices and provide content-rich, usable, and practical resources to grantees.

State-Based T/TA Specialists

The Maine Head Start TTA Network is the state-based option and is staffed by Linda Capone-Newton,, and Nancy Darlington, They provide on-site technical assistance to Head Start and Early Head Start grantees throughout Maine. They are also available to provide training to clusters of grantees with similar interests or concerns at state and regional events. The Network’s mission is to ensure, through the provision of expert knowledge and technical support, that Head Start and Early Head Start grantees in Maine receive the support and information they need to deliver high quality services that meet all national Head Start Performance Standards and requirements.

Direct TA Funding to Grantees

Grantees receive at least 50 percent of all Head Start T/TA dollars. Grantees use these funds in accordance with their Training Plans to support the needs identified by and specific to their local program.

Head Start Center for Inclusion

The Head Start Center for Inclusion provides Head Start teaching staff with opportunities to learn innovative and research-based practices to improve their work with children who have disabilities. The center provides information and develops resources and materials that include web-based learning opportunities and evidence-based instructional strategies. The goal of the center is to increase the competence, confidence and effectiveness of personnel in Head Start programs to include children with disabilities.