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Thanks to all the great UMaine students
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Etiquette Tip of the Week: Jacket on, jacket off…


“Can I take my suit jacket (or blazer) off for a business meal?”

Here are some of the rules for keeping your jacket on or taking your jacket off:
In a formal dinner: jacket on.
In an interview or interview meal: jacket on.
In a meeting, jacket on.  Jacket off, only if your host or the most senior person removes his/her jacket first.
Greeting people as they enter the meeting: jacket on.
Sitting alone in your office or cubicle: jacket off… unless you are chilly.

When seated, unbutton your jacket.
When standing, always leave the bottom button of your jacket unbuttoned for ease of movement.  Unless you are wearing a double breasted jacket, which according to the late Leticia Baldrige “looks awkward hanging open, like a gate that needs closing.”

These rules apply to women’s jackets (blazers) as well as men’s.

Culture and Manners Institute

Etiquette Tip of the Week: Friend etiquette

When we evaluate our friendships, there are certain measures we look for in a friend.  Can I count on you?  Will you be there for me in good times and in bad? Will you be interested in what I have to say?  Will you put aside your cell phone and not text or check messages when you spend time with me?  Will you care about my well being?  Will you be honest with me?  Will you be loyal?

This is exactly what employers are looking for in an employee or an intern.

So be a friend to your employer.
Be on time, don’t cut out early.
Be prepared for meetings and be attentive.
Learn the software.
Don’t say, “It’s not my job,” when help is needed.
When the going gets tough, don’t sneak out the back exit.

In interviews, your preparation, company research, clothing choices and attitude, should all say, “You can count on me.”

Culture and Manners Institute

Etiquette Tip of the Week: In a stressful situation…

Last week, I traveled to a university in Los Angeles to give an etiquette presentation.  As I deplaned after Midnight at LAX, the pull handle on my wheeled carry-on jammed, so now it’s like I’m going through the country’s third largest airport carrying a sleeping calf.

It’s half an hour before the rental car shuttle arrives.  At the rental car place, I am first in line, but I get the slowest agent, so everybody behind me is ahead of me outside in the lot.  The word in the lot, “We have no more cars.”

Not true.  They did have cars, but not many, so whatever came out Door #2 is what you would drive away, no matter what your reservation said.  Everybody before me was complaining out loud, stamping their feet and making audible exhaling noises. I turned to a very weary looking agent in the lot and said, “It’s been a rough night, hasn’t it?”  She said, “You don’t know the half of it!”

A Toyota Corolla comes out.  I said, “I think that’s mine, because I ordered a smaller car.”  But this angry woman with her husband and two teenage sons, who had been behind me in line inside, hissed, “We’re taking that one!”  The four folded uncomfortably into the Toyota and started toward the exit.  The lot agent turned to me, “Would you like that one?”  She pointed to a shiny, new full-sized car at the end of the lot that the angry woman had wanted, but didn’t get.

I ask you this: is it so wrong for an etiquette instructor to smile at the woman still sitting in the exit line unhappily crammed with three men into the Corolla she just pinched from the etiquette instructor?

That’s not the Tip. The Tip is, in any sticky situation when people are angry and complaining, pour some sugar on it.  Remember, the purpose of etiquette is to make the people around you feel comfortable.  Sometimes the people who are there to serve you need to be made comfortable.  Be kind, be empathetic and be patient and good things will come to you.

Culture and Manners Institute

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