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Club Bylaws – Constitution

Bylaws of the Club Canada of the University of Maine

Règlements du Société du Canada de l’Université du Maine

Updated 7 April 2010


§ 1. The name of this organization shall be the Club Canada / Société du Canada of the University of Maine.

§ 2. The Club will refer to the Club Canada / Société du Canada of the University of Maine hereinafter in the following Bylaws.


§ 1. The object of the Club shall be to bring awareness of Canada and Canadian culture to the University of Maine community.

§ 2. The Club shall create a better understanding of Canada on campus and to deepen student’s knowledge of international affairs. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in cultural events on the University of Maine campus, field trips to sites in the country of Canada, assisting the University of Maine Canadian-American Center in its affairs, participating in lecture series with faculty knowledgeable in the field of Canadian studies and taking part in fun Canadian cultural experiences.

§ 3. The full object and purpose of the Club will be explained in the By-laws Addendum

§ 4. The history of the Club will be explained in the By-laws Addendum


§ 1. Any University of Maine staff, faculty, student or alumni shall be eligible for membership in the Club and shall become a member upon attending meetings.

§ 2. The Club shall be free to join, and members will be responsible for paid events.

§ 3. The secretary [Clerk of the Privy Council / Greffier du Conseil Privé] shall notify members absent more than fifty percent of all regular and special meetings at the midpoint of each semester, and those members shall forfeit voting privileges until            their attendance is more than fifty percent and/or is found acceptable by the officers of the club.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

§ 1. The officers of the Club shall include: a president [Prime Minister / Premier Ministre], a vice-president [Deputy Prime Minister / Vice-Premier Ministre], a treasurer [Minister of Finance / Ministre des Finances], and a secretary [Clerk of the Privy Council / Greffier du Conseil Privé].

§ 2. At the time of elections if the membership is less than five, the duties of the secretary and the treasurer shall be one in the same and only one voting member shall be elected to fulfill these duties and shall be deemed secretary-treasurer.

§ 3. If any holder of said office is delinquent in their personal membership, as determined by the Clubs’ members or set forth in these bylaws, then the said office holder may be removed by a two-thirds vote of all voting members.

§ 4. In addition to the normal duties assigned to the Deputy Prime Minister / Vice-Premier Ministre, the tenant of this office shall serve as the Public Relations delegate of the Club, unless a separate PR office is defined by an amendment to this document.

§ 4. The office holders shall be elected by closed ballot or according to what is deemed appropriate by the current presiding officer.  Election of officers will take place at the annual meeting and officers-elect will commence immediately with a term lasting for one year.

§ 5.  No person shall hold office if he/she is not a member and no member shall hold more than one office at a time unless warranted by low Club member numbers.

ARTICLE V – Meetings

§ 1. Club meetings are as warranted, however, there must be at least one meeting per month.

§ 2. The regular meeting in April shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving annual reports, and conducting any other business that may arise.

§ 3. A special meeting may be held upon the call of the Prime Minister / Premier Ministre or on the request, written or oral, of any three members of the Club.  The purpose of the meeting shall be set forth in the notice.

§ 4. No notice shall be required for a regular meeting except the annual meeting, which shall require notice no less than fourteen (14) days. Notice of a special meeting shall be given at least three days in advance.

§ 5. One third of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE VI – Committees

§ 1. Special Committees shall be authorized by office holders as deemed necessary.  The Prime Minister / Premier Ministre shall appoint any active, voting member to preside over a committee upon approval of the Club by a two-thirds vote.

ARTICLE VII – Parliamentary Authority

§ 1. The rules contained in the Modern Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Club in all cases where they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Club may adopt.

ARTICLE VIII – Amendments

§ 1. These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote, provided that previous written notice of the amendment was given to all members at least eight (8) days in advance.

§ 2. Bylaws may be amended only as set forth in the description of the amending article above. A motion to amend the bylaws shall be needed by a member. A bylaw amendment takes effect immediately after its adoption, unless stated otherwise.

§ 3. Special rules of order may be amended after their adoption only by the same rules as those given above for their adoption.

§ 4. Special rules of order may be suspended by the normal motion to suspend the rules.

Original Bylaws Approved: 6 February 2007

Revised: 3 December 2008

1 September 2009

This Version: 7 April 2010

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