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Canadian-American Public PolicyRapidly growing commercial ties between Canada and the U.S. are raising complex new policy issues in both countries concerning trade, investment, energy, resources management, the environment, cultural politics, and foreign affairs.

Canadian-American Public Policy contributes to public dialogue on these complex issues with informed, timely and objective analysis.  The series draws on the work of recognized experts in economics, political science, business and management, history, geography, the physical sciences, and humanities.

Published four times a year, each issue is devoted to a single essay, usually 10,000-12,000 words in length, permitting authors more room to analyze complex problems.  Each glossy paper-covered volume is 5 1/2″  X  8 1/2″, and is approximately 40 pages.

This format also makes it possible for individual issues to be made available to students at bulk rate cost in order to augment textbooks.

In addition to mailings to subscribers, we also compile, with each author’s assistance, individualized mailing lists consisting of public servants, academics and others involved in the policy-making process.  In this way we have been able to bring the latest scholarship to bear on the formation of public policy in both countries.

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication receive a token honorarium of $250 (US).

For more information about content or submitting a manuscript, contact Howard Cody, Editor.

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