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Michel Têtu

Michel Têtu is on a mission. He wants to tell the world about Atlantic Canada’s exceptional economic attributes. The region is a source of energy, a center of innovation, a pool of skill labour, a reliable supplier of quality products at competitive prices and the Gateway to the North American market.

In April 2008, after an assignment at the Consulate General of Canada in Boston where he worked closely with Atlantic Canada, Michel ended a 25 year career in the diplomatic service to join ACOA as Director General, International Business Development. His role is to place the region in the limelight, to increase exports, to attract foreign direct investment and to nurture technology cooperation.

Since September 2009, Michel is also Co-chair of the Commission Mixte Canada-France on regional cooperation between the Atlantic Provinces and St-Pierre and Miquelon.

Michel joined the Government of Canada in 1982. He was Trade Commissioner in Hamburg, Munich, Kuwait, Berlin, London and Boston. He also served as Executive Assistant to the Deputy-minister for International Trade and Comptroller of the Northern Pipeline Agency.

Michel was born in Lévis, Québec. He studied at Laval University where he graduated with an Honors Degree in Economics in 1976 and an LLB in 1979.

Michel and his wife, Ingrid, enjoy museums, theater, opera and travel.

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