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Conference Recordings

“Cross-Border Economic Integration in the Northeast:

Current Status, Future Prospects”

Day 1: Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome: Paul W. Ferguson, President, University of Maine

  • Plenary Speaker: John Butera, State of Maine Economic Advisor

First Panel: “Current Trends in Regional Economic Integration”

 Panel Chair: Marc Jacques, Canadian Consulate, Boston

Second Panel: “Case Studies in Regional Economic Integration”

       Panel Chair: Dan McKay, Eaton Peabody

  • Greg Blunden, Vice President of Business Development, Bangor Hydro Electric
  • Bret Vicary, Vice President, Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting, James W. Sewall Company

  • Andrew Lively, Director of Marketing, Cooke Aquaculture

Evening Dinner- “The Changing Context for Bilateral Relations: New Realities, Reoccuring Tensions”

  • Plenary Speaker: Peter Morici, Professor of International Business at the University of Maryland

Day 2: Tuesday, April 24, 2012

  • Presentation by Peter Vigue on the East/West Highway proposal

Third Panel: “Future Prospects in Regional Economic Integration: The Politics”

 Panel Chair: Howard Cody, Canadian Studies/Political Science, University of Maine

  •  Ken Oplinger, President/CEO Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce

Fourth Panel: “Future Prospects in Regional Economic Integration: The Economics”

Panel Chair: Andy Hamilton, Eaton Peabody

  • Bruno Larue, Canada Research Chair in International Agri-food Trade, Director of the Center for Research in the Economics of Agri-Food, Université Laval

End of Conference

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