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Frequently Asked Questions

When I turn my TV on, there is no picture. What do I do?

  • Confirm that all connections are secure
  • If able, access your TV’s menu and search for a “scan” or a “channel scan” option. (This often has an automatic setting, although, sometimes channels need to be added manually).

 What do I do if I don’t have the cable to connect my TV to the cable outlet?

  • If you didn’t bring one from home, you can purchase a high quality, yet inexpensive coaxial cable from the Bookstore in the Memorial Union.
  • You may feel free to use any cable TV (75 ohm) coaxial cable that is in good condition

 The channels come in, but are not clear.

  • Confirm your connection to the cable outlet is secure
  • Try bypassing extra devices by connecting directly to your TV.

Why am I only receiving Channels 2-13?

  • An important part of the television set up is selecting the correct “type” of channels. This is done by using the menu option of your television, usually under “tuner” or “auto-tune” section. For proper operation you must select the “Cable” or “CATV” option; do not use the “antennae” or “off-air” option. Please note that most all TVs default to the antenna or off air option after being unplugged or after a power failure. Run the autotune function to be sure you get all of the available channels.

Are there HD options?

  • Yes, however they are being provided by Time Warner interdependent of UMaine. Any campus resident may enter into an agreement with Time Warner and purchase packages offered directly from them. UMaine only provides a free basic lineup to all residents. With the advanced services, the basic portion is still free.
  • Order advanced services directly from Time Warner by clicking here.

Do I need any special equipment to view the HD or digital channels?

  • Many of the newer digital TVs have digital tuners built in. There may even be free HD available as long as your digital tuner covers the same type of channels that Time Warner distributes.
  • When you purchase HD or special packages from Time Warner, they can provide you with the necessary equipment if necessary.

How do I fix it if there is no audio or a foreign language on some channels?

  • Televisions are equipped with a “second aurial processor” or SAP. If you are getting a undesired second language it is because the SAP is turned on for your set. You can shut this off if you wish through the menu function of the TV.