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Welcome to Campus Cable

Each student room in UMaine’s residence halls and family housing at University Park is equipped with one cable TV outlet packed with 68 high-quality channels.  The channel line-up was selected by the students themselves through the student government board, ROC (Residents on Campus), from our present programming provider Time Warner Cable.  All costs for our cable service calls are built within the room fees so any resident simply has to connect their TV, auto program the set, and enjoy!

In addition to our free basic channel line-up, UMaine in conjunction with Time Warner offers on-campus and UPark residence special pricing on additional services.  By simply ordering online at Advanced Services, students can add Hi-Def, Video On Demand, DVR service, Sports Pax, Movie Plex and Music Choice.  Time Warner also offers cable card technology.

Campus cable is provided and maintained by Auxiliary Services.  If there is a problem with your service, please call us at 207.581.4371.