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CAD Camp

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Parents often call and ask specific questions. To help save us all time, we’ve answered a variety of frequently asked questions.

There is no prerequisite knowledge! We don’t expect campers to know a thing about CAD – but most kids do know how to send and receive email. We make learning fun. You’ll be amazed at what the campers will be able to do, even if they start “from scratch.” Campers must be entering grades 9-12.

Disabilities and Readiness: We make every effort to accommodate campers with disabilities. Please let us know your camper accommodation needs and we’ll work to meet them. If a camper cannot access the outdoor elements of the program due to a disability, we can consider alternative arrangements for activities with the camper and family at the time of registration.

This program is intended to build teamwork and trust skills in the camper peer group. Regardless of disability status, there are certain readiness characteristics that campers must demonstrate to participate in camp activities. Campers must be ready and able to reliably navigate the campus independently and arrive at gathering points on time. Campers must not require the direct supervision of a counselor between scheduled activities. Campers must be able to participate at the appropriate level in all activities, including meals, independently, without parental assistance. Campers who require medication must be able to self-medicate. Campers with food allergies must be able to bring their own food or make appropriate food choices. If a camper has a condition that requires monitoring, cell phone contact is allowed.

Cell Phones: Cell phones have become an increasing distraction to campers, and interfere with campers’ ability to attend to the activities, develop relationships with the other campers, and develop independence when away from home. Camp staff will enforce appropriate cell phone restrictions. Campers should be prepared to have cell phone access limited to evenings or to coordinate end-of-day pick-up.

Registration Deadlines: Registrations are accepted through June 17, 2011. Cancellations received after June 10, 2011 will not be refunded. Cancellations received before June 10, 2011 will receive full refunds minus a $50 processing fee.

Food: All campers eat their meals together with counselors at the designated dining facility. In the past campers have eaten at various venues including the MarketPlace in the Union, Hilltop, and Wells Central, all of which are similar to a food court.

Resident campers receive a dining card and are welcome to choose whatever they like to eat. Commuter campers do not receive dining cards since in general they are only there for lunch. Commuter campers can bring a lunch or pay individually for lunch at the dining facility. Since commuter campers are directed to arrive at the breakfast dining facility before 8:30 for attendance, some choose to arrive early and purchase breakfast with the other campers. Some commuter campers choose to stay for evening activities and can also purchase dinner.

Some campers have food allergies and food sensitivities. Generally the dining facilities offer enough selection for them to choose around their “unsafe” foods. If you want to know if your child could be exposed unknowingly to a serious allergen, please call Dining Services at 581-4706 to check on use of that food.

Dormitory Arrangements: Boys and girls are housed on separate wings of the dormitories. Maine Bound staff members serve as night-time counselors and are housed in the dorms with the campers. They set rules for the comfort and safety of all campers.

Rooms have linens and towels provided. This adds a nominal charge to the room rate but is such a big help we feel it’s worth it.

The dormitory smoke alarms are extremely sensitive and touching a smoke alarm will trigger a fault at the dispatch station at Public Safety on campus, causing a charge to the camp. Tampering with a smoke detector on purpose is a very serious offense and results in dismissal from camp and a juvenile summons for criminal mischief.

A primary goal of any camp is camper safety. The Director and the Maine Bound Coordinator retain the authority to dismiss without a refund any camper who repeatedly chooses not to adhere to the rules the staff members establish with the campers, who presents a danger to person or property, or who engages in any activity that violates a law or ordinance.

Medical Staff: The University does not have a “camp nurse.” Campers requiring medications must be able to self-medicate. We do ask that we know what medications campers are taking so if they do have a medical emergency we have the correct information for emergency personnel. Similarly we need information about severe allergies and conditions such as asthma.

The Recreation Director is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). As Wilderness First Responders the other Maine Bound staff members working with the camp are certified to respond to medical emergencies and they carry cell phones. The local area dispatch stations provide ambulance services.

Recreation: Our recreation program is “Challenge by Choice” which means that campers may choose the level of activity they engage in. Maine Bound staff will encourage all campers to try the activities but they are not required to do so.

Campers build teamwork skills and a sense of community by participating in courses such as the low ropes course, the climbing wall, the high ropes course, and canoeing. These activities do not require any experience or particular strength or stamina, just the ability to try something new. Campers are often surprised at just how much they really can do in this low-pressure environment and with the encouragement of the staff and other campers.

Computer Program: Campers learn to model using MicroStation by Bentley Systems, Inc., a professional software package used by most of the state Departments of Transportation and many other industrial concerns. Campers can download a free copy of PowerDraft from the Bentley web site for educational use.

If you have other questions please see the Arrival Information, or contact:

University of Maine Campus Recreation – Maine Bound
5795 Maine Bound Adventure Center
Orono , ME 04469
Fax 207-581-1719
Phone 207-581-1794

We look forward to seeing you!

Philip Dunn, P.E., Director
Claude Junkins, CAD Director
Lisa Carter, Recreation Director


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