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MBS Courses - Business Analysis and Advocacy

PaulnJasonWhat are employers looking for in MBA candidates?  What differentiates an MBA graduate in the competitive marketplace?  Dr. Peter Arnold, a respected Boston University business professor, recently provided one critical insight based on his discussions with business recruiters: graduates with top notch presentation skills, the ability to effectively work on teams, and the competence and confidence to “hit the ground running.”

Business Analysis and Advocacy, offered this fall, is targeted at training University of Maine MBA students with these skills.  The course will provide students with actionable analytical and presentation skills as well as help them to think critically about problems and respond to the difficult questions.

Students will work on analytical and presentation techniques weekly as well as develop case analysis skills.  Ultimately, team case analysis and recommendations will be presented to panels comprised of business executives in a competitive environment.

The goal of the class is to help students become more confident, persuasive presenters to enhance their academic performance and make them more marketable recruits.

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