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Meet our Students! - BUA 268 E-Commerce consulting projects Spring 2013

The BUA 268 E-Commerce class worked with small businesses and organizations throughout Maine to help them develop more effective e-strategies for competitive advantage.  Here are the team pictures.

FABA team

This consulting team explored how an enhanced web and social media strategy can help the Flagstaff Area Business Association of western Maine.


DeGrasse team

This consulting team analyzed a local jewelry business to recommend web and social media strategies to reach a new target market.


Miane Flame team

This consulting team developing innovative e-strategies to help a Maine business reach new target markets via increased web distribution strategies.


Fotters market team

This consulting team worked with a small business in an under-served region of Maine to create e-strategies to increase awareness and traffic to the store.


Homer team

This consulting team helped a Maine entrepreneur develop e-strategies to develop a web presence for his new product and use social media effectively to promote it.







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