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Student Opportunities - Advisory Board

Dan Bouchard
Senior Managing Director, Global Markets

Marc R. Brunelle, Chair
President, Sportshoe Center, Inc.

Dennis Carey

Jay Cromarty
Partner, International Entrepreneurship Center

Ivelin M. Dimitrov
Chief Investment Officer, Fifth Street Finance Corp.

Andrew Frawley
President, Marketing Technology Epsilon

Joel P. Gardiner
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Shaun A. Hutchinson, Esq.
Vice President, Legal Services, Integreon

Edward J. Keefe
Chief Financial Officer, M/C Venture Partners

Chris Keating
Managing Director, Cutwater Asset Management

Shawn McKenna
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Starlight Development Overseas (SDO) Ltd

Patrice Krant, Vice Chair

Matthew R. McHatten
Executive Vice President and COO, Maine Mutual Group

Ralph Seferian
Vice President, Oracle

Jon F. Sorenson
President & COO, Competitive Energy Services

Kristin Stewart
Vice President, BNY Mellon

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