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Friendly Students

The University of Maine Business School provides a world-class business education in a professional, supportive environment. Our students, faculty and staff are engaged, dynamic, and strive to make a difference in the business world and beyond.  Student life on campus revolves around robust activities, meaningful organizations and clubs, didactic experiences, and a commitment to ethical standards.

Code of Ethics

As valued members of our Maine Business School, we the faculty, staff, and students, mutually pledge to each other the following:

Honesty:  We agree to exercise personal integrity in all aspects of our work, research, and studies.  To be honest in fact, we agree to give credit where credit is due, to express our own opinions, and to do our own work in a timely fashion.  Honesty requires clear and open communication about our commitments and performance of our work.

Respect:  As each individual is inherently entitled to personal respect from others, we agree to show respect for others in our community by valuing diverse perspectives and by refraining from any form of harassment, disruption, lying, misstatements of fact, or other rude behavior that would exhibit hostility or disrespect for others.  To show respect, we agree to listen carefully to one another, to read carefully, to review thoroughly, to promote each other’s works and aspirations, and to suspend judgment until properly informed of the facts.

Honor:  We will endeavor to honor ourselves and our community by following all federal and state laws, our University policies and procedures, and our conscience as best as we are able.  We agree to honor each other’s time, effort, and property at all times.  We honor our MBS by producing quality work, both in the classroom and in our offices.  We honor each other by explicitly recognizing our achievements, directly communicating issues, and treating one another politely.

We mutually pledge to implement this code by not tolerating intentional infractions in ourselves or others.  Based on University policy, we will seek help and assistance from others in upholding these codes.

Congratulations to our 2014 MBS graduates!!  For some great graduation pictures, check out our MBS Facebook page!

Spiffy at the Global Asset Management Education Forum 2013

Spiffy at the Global Asset Management Education Forum 2013