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News and Events - 2010 News and Events

Learning Circle Grant Awarded to the MBS Business and Sustainability Program

November 19, 2010


The Maine Business School’s Business and Sustainability Program has recently been awarded a Learning Circle Grant from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment (CETA).  The grant will allow members of the MBS Learning Circle Committee—faculty Terry Porter, Scott Anchors, and Nancy Forster-Holt, along with graduate student Cassie Vaillancourt—to explore and develop a plan for enhancing sustainability in the business school curriculum and program.

Potential initiatives under consideration include providing opportunities for students to travel to sustainability-related events and conferences, increasing participation among undergraduate students (currently it is an MBA track exclusively), a possible certificate in Business and Sustainability for non-degree students, guest speakers, voluntary faculty development, networking with other departments, student groups, and other colleges and universities, and the possible start-up of a Net Impact chapter. Net Impact is an international student-based business and sustainability organization with 16 member campuses already established in New England

Second Annual MBS Internship Reception: Friday, November 12th. We had about 35 companies and about 200 students who attended. We have received reports about successful internship offers.

September 29, 2010: MBS Convocation Sorenson

Our distinguished guest speaker this year was Mr. Jon Sorenson: Partner at Competitive Energy Services and Chairman of the MBS Advisory Board.

As partner at Competitive Energy Services, Mr. Sorenson leads a team in procuring and managing more energy load than any third-party entity in New England and Atlantic Canada, over a billion dollars in energy spend.  His experience includes retail and wholesale electricity and natural gas marketing, oil and bio-fuel procurement and hedging, fuel arbitrage, risk management, forecasting, conversion analysis, strategy development, and regulatory work in the US and Canada. Prior to his energy background, Mr. Sorenson built an extensive background in telecommunications. Mr. Sorenson held the positions of Division President with Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc., and Chief Operating Officer at PTC Cellular, Inc., a subsidiary of Peoples Telephone Company, both public companies.


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