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Faculty and Research - Vollmers

Gloria Vollmers, Professor of Accounting



Summer of 2013 - At Loon Lodge in Maine's North Woods

Summer of 2013 – At Loon Lodge in Maine’s North Woods


vollmersresume 2013

University of Maine
Maine Business School
5723 DP Corbett Business Building, Room 342
Orono, ME 04469-5723

Teaching Areas:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting


Ph.D., Accounting, University of North Texas
MS, Business Administration, University of Texas at Dallas
MM, Violin Performance, University of North Texas
AB, Religious Studies, Brown University

Research Interests:

  • Accounting History
  • Cost Accounting

Editor of The Accounting Historians Journal published by the Academy of Accounting Historians.


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Book chapters:

Vollmers, G.  Vollmers bookkeeping for centuries ,Chapter in Reclaiming Accounting’s Lost Identity, in print, 2013

Jones, N. and Vollmers, G. “Using Web-Based Technologies for Transformative Hybrid Distance Education”, Chapter in Web-Based Education and Pedagogical Technologies: Solutions for Learning Applications, Ed. L. Esnault, IGI Publishing, pp. 37-52, 2008.

Vollmers, G. “Problems and Rewards using Ancient Materials in Accounting Historiography”. Chapter in Doing Accounting History, Ed. R. Fleischman, Elsevier Press, pp. 49-62, 2003.


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