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Faculty and Research - Jones

Nory Jones

Nory Jones

(207) 581-1995


University of Maine
308 Donald P. Corbett Business Building
Orono, ME 04469


Ph.D., University of Missouri (2001)

Research interests


Jones, N. and Mahon, J. (2012) “Nimble Knowledge Transfer in High Velocity/Turbulent Environments”, accepted on March 28, 2012 for publication in the Journal of Knowledge Management.

Remidez, H. and Jones, N. (2012) “Developing a Model for Social Media in Project Management Communications”, International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol. 3 No. 3, pp.

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Gibler, K. and Jones, N. (  ) “Putting TQM To Work For You”, Journal of Property Management.


Faculty adviser to the MBS Corps


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