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Faculty and Research - Miles

Patti Miles, Associate Professor of Management

(207) 581-1994

Patti Miles Faculty Photo


Maine Business School
University of Maine
5723 DP Corbett Business Building, Room 335
Orono, ME 04469-5723

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Arlington (2008)

Dr. Miles received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington in Operations and Supply Chain Management in 2008, and her Masters degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992.  Prior to completing her PhD, she spent 25 years in the United States Army as a logistics officer.  During her tenure as an Army Logistics Officer, she participated in the planning and execution of countless missions in support of both Global Wars on terrorism (Afganistan and Iraq).   As such, she has moved everything from ice to trash, tanks to fuel and people to boxes around the world; via ship, cargo plane, pipeline, railroad and truck.  Her experience is robust and certainly reflected in her research.   She is keenly interested in ‘the greater good’; pursuing research that examines corporate accountability, the costs of efficiency, and, more recently, corporate taxes and executive compensation.  She accomplishes research with the tenacity of an Army officer and the breath of a scholar.

Curriculum Vitae 

Publications modified for the News

The Value of good corporate citizenship  

Syllabi of Courses Currently Teaching 

Syllabus BUA 337 Spring 2014

BUA 601 F2013 Miles 2013

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  1. Miles, P.C., Miles, G., and Cannon (2012)  Servicescape and Customer Satisfaction: Exploring the Contingent Role of Business Strategy. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 32(7): 772-795
  2. Zhang, G., & Miles, P.C.  (2012). China Turns to Tweeting: Exploring the Problematic use of Tweeting in China.   International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3(7): 91-94
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  4. Porter, T. & Miles, P.C. (2013). The CSR Halo: Evidence from Long-term CSR Practices in Large Corporations. Corporate Reputation and Review, 16(4): forthcoming
  5. Miles, P.C. (2013).  Why Do Educated, Successful Women Leave The Workforce?  American International Journal of Social Science, 2(2): 15-19
  6. Miles, P.C. (2013) Competitive Strategy: The link between Service Characteristics and Customer Satisfaction.  Journal of Quality and Service Sciences.  (Forthcoming)
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  8. Miles, P. & Erhardt, N.  (Forthcoming). Top Management Diversity is Good for Business: Exploring the Mediating Role of CSR Measures. Journal of Business and Economics.

National Peer Reviewed Conferences (Peer Reviewed and Published in Proceedings)

  1. Miles, P.C. (2013) Promotion Tenure and Pay and other Decisions influenced by Student Assessment of Teaching.  Academy of Management Spring 2013
  2. Zhang, G., Miles, P.C. & Smith, S.  (2013) Content and Design and Trends of Chinese Corporations Homepages. Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Spring 2013    
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  11. Miles, P.C.  (2010) Capturing the long term impact of Low Corporate Tax, and High CEO Pay Decisions Sciences Institute Fall 2010
  12. Collett, P. (2009) The Moderating Role of Strategy on Servicescape & Customer Satisfaction.  Academy of Management Spring 2009.
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  15. Collett, P., Bourgeois, S. & House, D. (2008) Statistical Analysis of course Evaluations.   Decisions Sciences Institute Fall 2008.     







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