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Concentrations - International Business

Business School studentsThe concentration in International Business is meant for students whose interests are global. The concentration does not stand alone however; it is necessary to complete a major in one of our other areas: accounting, finance, management, or marketing. The student must therefore plan carefully in order to graduate on time.

Some courses will satisfy requirements in both concentrations. Course requirements are:

  • BUA 376 International Marketing
  • BUA 445 International Management
  • BUA 455 International Corporate Finance
  • POS 120 (Counts as a general elective)

Students can take any two additional courses, international in nature, in any discipline, chosen by the student, and approved by the advisor.

Students must satisfy an advanced international experience.  These include:

  • Study abroad
  • Completion of at least a year of a language at the intermediate level
  • An internship abroad

Munich United Nations Buildings Monastery in Bulgaria

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