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International Trips - Future International Trips

2012 International Trips:

Nicaragua: Dec, 2011 – Jan, 2012: This trip, led by Dr. Stephanie Welcomer will study the coffee trade, specifically the fair trade coffee certification and how it is different from the conventional coffee trade.  We will to spend time in a coffee producing community and have the students help out with the harvest. We will also learn more about the broader political and cultural context of Nicaragua.   We hope the students at the end of the experience will understand the supply chain of coffee, and understand how and why fair trade certification has developed as an alternative.

Aalen, Germany: May, 2012: This trip, led by Dr. John Mahon and Dr. Robert Strong, will explore international business with business visits, business analysis, and cultural explorations of Germany. More details will be provided in the near future.

2013: Sweden: Details TBD.

To continue providing our students with experience in different business practices and cultures, we anticipate visiting some of the following countries over the next several years: Mexico, France, Spain, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, The Czech Republic, Germany, India, and Vietnam among others.

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