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Graduate Programs - MBS Graduate Business Certificate

The Graduate Business Certificate program provides students interested in gaining advanced skills in business or as a pathway to the MBA program.  Emphasis is placed upon areas in management, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management information systems.

A benefit of the Certificate is its exclusive online delivery.  This is ideal for those working full-time, exploring a second career in business, military personnel, out-of-state or international students, or individuals intent on applying for the MBA Program in the future.  Bachelor degree seniors may also take courses in the Certificate at the 400 or 500 level only but this is strategically advantageous for those seeking to matriculate into the MBA program on campus.  Concurrently, the same courses taught in the Certificate program are offered on-campus, providing students the option of attending the Maine Business School at The University of Maine in Orono.  Graduate courses taken in the Certificate will apply toward MBA program completion for admitted students, except for the BUA 400 and ECO 410.

This is a 15 credit hour certificate. Courses listed below do not need to be taken in a specific order though a good start would be the BUA 400 in the summer and ECO 410 offered in the fall.

Pathway to MBA Requirements: 

No GMAT is required for the Graduate Business Certificate; however, it is a requirement when applying to the MBA Program in keeping with The University of Maine admission standards, AACSB accreditation standards, and selectivity of the Maine Business School.  Students are advised to apply via the Graduate Application and meet all application requirements. However, students who complete the Graduate Business Certificate will be given strong consideration for entry to the MBA with GMAT scores less than 550, whereas they are otherwise qualified, meet the UMaine graduate requirements, and have demonstrated academic success in the Certificate program.

Acadmic Standards:

Consistent with The Maine Business School’s high academic standards, students must earn no less than a B- in each course of the Graduate Business Certificate.

For specific program details or discussion, schedule an appointment or contact:

Carol L. Mandzik, MBA
5723 DP Corbett Business Bldg, Rm 209
Maine Business School
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine  04469
Tel:  207-581-1971
Skype:  UMaineMBA

Download the application for the Graduate Certificate (PDF)

Application Materials:  Official baccalaureate transcripts are required from each institution attended in addition to the application directives above.  A CV/resume is encouraged along with the application.  Recommendations are not required though in some cases, may be requested in order to supplement the application to help determine admissibility.  UMaine baccaulaureate graduates are exempt from submitting official UMaine transcripts but must send official transcripts from all other college/universities attended.

The Certificate Program (15 credits hours):

  • BUA 400:  Introduction to Accounting.  An accelerated course that provides pre-MBA students with an introduction to managerial and financial accounting. Includes concepts of cost, cost systems and budgeting as well as ways of organizing, presenting and understanding financial information.  3 Credit Hours.
  • ECO 410:  Accelerated Introductory Economics. An accelerated presentation of the fundamental elements of micro- and macroeconomic theory.  Microeconomic topics include consumer and firm behavior, structure and functioning of purely competitive markets, and alternative market structures.  Macroeconomic topics include financial system structure, measurement of aggregate economic activity and determinants of economic growth, economic fluctuations, and stabilization policies.  3 Credit Hours.
  • BUA 605:  Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy.  Represents an integration of concepts and principles from the Marketing and Management Information Science disciplines.  The Internet is offering radical new ways of conducting business.  This course presents students with concepts and information-based strategies for capturing and creating value in the new information-based economy by assimilating sound marketing strategies with information systems to create innovative processes and marketing practices.  Prerequisite:  BUA 370 Marketing or equivalent, or successful completion of the MBA Marketing Tutorial (80%/B-).  3 Credit Hours.
  • BUA 651:  Financial Management.  Provides a foundation in financial management by integrating topics such as measurement of risk, portfolio theory, interest rate determination, valuation, capital budgeting and cost of capital. Instructional methodology may include case studies, portfolio simulation, journal articles, presentations and spreadsheet construction, in addition to lectures.  Prerequisites:  BUA 350 Business Finance or equivalent, or successful completion of the MBA Finance Tutorial (80%/B-).  3 Credit Hours. 
  • A BUA course at the 500 or 600 level, approved by the MBA Program Manager and in conjunction with specific prerequisites imposed for each graduate course.  3 Credit Hours.

Notes:  BUA 400 is typically offered in the spring semester (on campus) or summer (online).   ECO 410 is routinely offered in the fall semester (online) as are BUA 605 and 651.

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