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Business & Sustainability - News and Announcements

Net Impact is involved in several activities relating to sustainability in business. Thanks to our generous donor, Jon Sorenson, we are able to travel to help make more of an impact in Maine.

Net Impact is creating an impact assessment for the Maine Grain Alliance and Food Hub in Skowhegan Maine: Amber Lambke, Creator of the Food Hub concept, visited the Business School on Monday November 4th, 2013 to explain the project and prepare students for visiting later in the week. On Friday November 8th Net Impact students will visit Skowhegan to begin work on the assessment project with Amber Lambke.

For our October Pizza Friday Event, Net Impact members heard from faculty Dr. Ebru Ulusoy about her research into ecovillages. Ecovillages are environmentally and socially sustainable communities in development across the country and around the world. Dr. Ulusoy explained the concept and we discussed a number of issues related to choices people make to live in ecovillages. On Saturday November 16th, Net Impact members will visit the Belfast Ecovillage with Dr. Ulusoy and have a guided tour from residents.

Net Impact is working on a sustainability report on the University of Maine based on the protocol from the Global Reporting Initiative: The GRI is in use by thousands of corporations worldwide to report on their sustainability activities. For UMaine students this project will provide valuable job experience. 


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