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MBA Concentrations - Management

Designed to provide students with superb leadership, management, and analytical skill sets with a background in finance, accounting, and global engagement for the competitive work environment.

The MBA, Management Concentration is 39 credit hours.

Required MBA Core Classes (21 credit hours):

BUA 601 – Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations
BUA 605 – Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy
BUA 609 – Financial Statement Analysis
BUA 620 – Law, Business and Society
BUA 626 – Management of Contemporary Organizations
BUA 651 – Financial Management
BUA 649 – Management Policy

Plus the required experiential courses (6 credit hours):

BUA 596 – International Field Study

BUA 695 – MBA Internship or BUA 641 Group Consulting Project

Select 4 courses (12 credit hours): 

BUA 630: Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
BUA 631: Collective Bargaining
BUA 638: Model-Based Decision-Making
BUA 639: Contemporary Issues in International Business
BUA 645: Special Topics; Business
BUA 652: Management of Financial Institutions
BUA 653: Investment Management
BUA 654: Futures & Options
BUA 661: Knowledge Management & DSS
BUA 664: Databases & Data Mining in Industry
BUA 668: Electronic Commerce
BUA 676: Marketing Research
INT 598: Interdisciplinary Special Topics
CMJ 530: Mass Communication Law & Policy
CMJ 550: Advertising & Consumer Culture
CMJ 605: Organizational Communication

Several courses within other concentrations will normally qualify for the management track.

Only one 400-level course is allowed in the MBA program.

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