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MBA Program - Program Details and Requirements

The MBA program consists of 39 credits. There are 7 required courses covering the basic disciplines (21 credit hours), 2 experiential courses (6 credit hours) and 4 elective courses (12 credit hours).  The Professional MBA program is 36 credit hours, waiving the 3 credit hour MBA internship for experienced professionals.

The experiential courses include an internship or consulting project experience, and an international, project-oriented field experience.   MBA students in England 2010

In addition to courses listed in the University’s Graduate Catalog, we offer a wide variety of timely, relevant special topics courses. In the past two years we have offered special courses in managing innovation, cyber-law, marketing to emerging markets, leadership, negotiation, doing business in the European Union, sales management, financial risk management, environmental issues and sustainable business, and many others.

Highlights of the program:

Core Courses: There are seven required courses including:

  • BUA 601 Statistical Analysis & Modeling for Org Operations
  • BUA 605 Creating and Capturing Value in the Digital Economy
  • BUA 609 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUA 620 Law, Business, & Society
  • BUA 626 Management of Contemporary Organizations
  • BUA 649 Management Policy
  • BUA 651 Financial Management

These courses cover the following topics:

  • the global, environmental, political, economic, legal, and regulatory context
  • individual ethical behavior and community responsibilities in organizations and society
  • management responsiveness to ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity
  • group and individual dynamics in organizations
  • human resource management and development
  • quantitative methods and models used to support business decision making
  • financial theories and methods, reporting, analysis, and markets
  • creation of value through the integrated production and distribution of goods and services
  • information acquisition, management, and reporting for business

Experiential Courses:

The International Trip: All students will be required to complete a group field experience, typically in an international environment, near the end of the program.  In the past our students have joined students from other countries on projects for foreign firms in countries such as Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Bulgaria,  and the United Kingdom.  This experience gives our students broader, practical experience in the global economy. Additional trip fees are collected with each credit hour in the  program to cover the costs of these trip. In addition, we now have international exchange programs with partner schools in Germany and France.

The Consulting/Internship Requirement:  All students will be expected to pursue an opportunity to apply the skills from the program to an organization in a hands-on environment.  This may be an internship in a profit-making firm, volunteering with a not-for-profit, or being part of a consulting team from the Maine Business School working on a project for an organization. Note: people with at least 3 years of professional work experience can substitute another approved course for this requirement if they wish.

Concentrations:  The MBA has concentrations in management, accounting, finance, international business, and business & sustainability.

Additional information about course descriptions, MBA concentations, and other details about the program is available in the online graduate catalog.

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