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Recognition & Rankings - Graduate Assurances of Learning

MBA Program Goal: By succeeding in our program, our graduates will be prepared to be professional managers and assume leadership positions in organizations and the community.

The graduate faculty of the Maine Business School believes that we can meet this overall program goal through careful selection and recruitment of quality students and the achievement of a set of Learning Goals. Following are the MBA Learning Goals, along with objectives associated with each goal, a listing of where in the program the goal is addressed, and the assessment tools and criteria.

MBA Learning Goals

  • Goal 1 Problem Solving: Students will be able to recognize, define, analyze, and offer solutions to problems under resource and information constraints.
  • Goal 2 Knowledge: Students will demonstrate competency in the basic business disciplines.
  • Goal 3 Communications: Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Goal 4 Global Business, Responsibility, and Diversity: Our students will be able to conduct business in a foreign environment by understanding and appreciating differences in business practices and cultures and conducting themselves responsibly.
  • Goal 5 Teamwork and Leadership: Students will advance their ability to work in teams and demonstrate a clear understanding of different leadership styles.

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