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Undergraduate Assurances of Learning - UG Teamwork

Goal 4:  Teamwork

Students will understand the fundamental concepts of teamwork, and demonstrate the ability to work in teams.

Corresponding Objectives:   Students will identify the elements in building effective teams; students will articulate the team goal and their individual contributions to the team goal and students will describe the significant roles and contributions of team members.

Assessment Tools: Concepts will be introduced in BUA 220 Legal Environment of Business and BUA 235 Information Systems, reinforced in BUA 325 Management, and assessed in BUA 449 Strategic Management.

Assessment Rubric:  The goal and corresponding objectives were assessed using the Teamwork Rubric.

Changes in Effect for Fall 2010 (Closing the Loop):

  1. Curriculum Design:  The curriculum will be adjusted so that students will be instructed about effective teamwork processes in some classes (BUA 220 Legal Environment of Business and BUA 235 Information Systems) requiring teamwork.  Students will be given a minimum of three fifteen-minute blocks of instruction intended to teach the fundamental concepts of effective teams, and effective integrative teamwork.
  2. Course design:  Students will be given two 50-minute blocks of instruction on the conceptual elements of effective teamwork in BUA 325 Management.  These concepts will be assessed through an embedded measure.  Additional emphasis will be placed on the manager’s role in identifying the stages of team development.
  3. Monitoring mechanisms:  To ensure students are performing adequately on these concepts several monitoring mechanisms have been created.
  • Student knowledge of corresponding conceptual objectives will be assessed in BUA 325 Management via an embedded evaluation and student capability to effectively utilize this knowledge will be assessed in BUA 449 Strategic Management.
  • Results and best practices will be discussed in teamwork meetings conducted at the beginning and end of each long semester.
  • Embedded tools will be updated and continually coordinated across involved faculty insuring the goal is relevant and current.

Rational for Proposed Changes:   A curriculum assessment of all core classes was completed to assess the frequency and depth with which teamwork was taught.  This inquiry revealed that a considerable number of classes expected students to work in teams, however none taught the fundamental concepts of effective teamwork, or the elements of effective integrative teamwork.    These findings  precipitated several important initiatives proposed by the AOL committee and implemented in Fall 2010

Assessment Criteria: 75% of students will score at least a 2 “meets expectations’ on assessment criteria.

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