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Recognition & Rankings - Undergraduate Assurances of Learning

Expect the World

In line with the MBS mission and the AACSB handbook, we have revised our learning goals to significantly expand the scope of the Assurance of Learning process.   Each goal is carefully crafted to introduce, reinforce, and assess student knowledge, skill, and character.  Each of the six goals, (AOL Goals Short summary), and rubrics are derived from various sources of input (academic literature, community leaders, surveys, faculty).  One goal requires management specific knowledge, and five others require general knowledge (problem solving, communication skills, teamwork, ethics, and the global perspective).     

The goals have been carefully woven into the core curriculum at three levels: introduction, reinforcement, and assessment.  The details of such can be viewed by clicking Curriculum Crosswalk (Updated 21 February 2014). 

Further, the Maine Business School has created a 12-semester assessment plan, which clearly articulates the schedule of assessment over the next 6 years.  This can be viewed by clicking 15-Semester Plan (Updated 21 February 2014).  

Goal 1:  Problem Solving Using qualitative and quantitative business models, students will be able to identify and solve business problems, with appropriate business tools and propose suitable solutions.  

Goal 2:  General Business Knowledge  Our Graduates will demonstrate a mastery of basic business theory, principles, & knowledge in core business disciplines.  

Goal 3:  Our Graduates will be effective communicators.  Students will prepare and present effective business communications in both written and oral applications. 

Goal 4:  Teamwork Students will understand the fundamental concepts of teamwork, and demonstrate the ability to work in teams.  

Goal 5: Ethics: Students will recognize ethical components of business problems/decisions and understand and apply various ethical perspectives.  

Goal 6:  Global Perspectives Students will demonstrate knowledge of global and cultural dimensions of the modern business environment.   

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