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Teen Leadership - Lakeside Leadership I (ages 13-15)

Lakeside Leadership is the culmination of the Naturalist Path, building on teens’ natural leadership abilities with a strong focus on team building, service, and personal challenge. Participants will spend time perfecting outdoors skills, participating in our Milfoil Control efforts on Bryant Pond, and pushing themselves on our challenge course. From there, our Lakeside Leaders will put these skills to the test on a 3-4 day canoe trip in Maine’s picturesque Rangeley Lakes region.

There will also be social time and privileges for our teens, as they build confidence and lifelong friendships at camp.

Ages: 13 – 15

Program Dates:
6/29/14 – 7/11/14 (2 weeks)

Cost: $1500.00

2014 Registration Form

What to bring list: Word | PDF

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