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Naturalist Program Path - Farm & Garden Camp (ages 7 – 10)

Maine’s rich agricultural roots lend the perfect stage for our Farm and Garden Camp!

Campers will awake when the rooster crows, and enjoy a hearty breakfast before tending to the barnyard animals. Our young farmers will feed and water the pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and other animals. After collecting eggs, it’s off to the woods and lake for fun and adventures! Farm and Garden campers will learn about responsible animal care, and where our food comes from.

We’ll learn how butter is made and even homemade ice cream! Of course all of this “hard work” on the farm deserves a break! There will be plenty of time catching frogs, canoeing and hiking and taking a refreshing dip in Lake Christopher!


Ages 7-10

Program Dates:
7/27/14 – 8/1/14 Please call the office for availability.

Cost: $625.00

2014 Registration Form

What to Bring Farm & Garden

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