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Maine Woods Adventure Programs - Extreme Survivor Camp (ages 12-15)

campers on a woods walkOn your way to a remote wilderness destination, your single propeller plane has engine trouble! Your fate is in the hands of an experienced bush pilot, who must put the plane down in the trees in an attempt to save his passengers. The sounds of cracking limbs and tearing metal soon give way to silence. Miraculously everyone is OK!

But as evening approaches you must gather any supplies and materials available and set up camp, for no one knows how long it may be until you’re rescued!

The order of survival becomes your focus as you must find shelter, water and food. Even fire building without matches becomes a challenge!

As your team begins to “settle in” you soon come to realize just how much you must rely on each other, as well as yourself to survive! You will learn primitive fire building, wilderness survival, emergency signaling, and navigation in the forests and on the water.

And don’t worry… our Extreme Survivor campers will enjoy all of the camp activities that make Bryant Pond 4H Camp a favorite for many! Great food, fun activities, swimming, and an amazing challenge course that includes the 300’ Aqua Zip-line!

Ages: 12 – 15

Program Dates:
8/3/14 – 8/8/14

Cost: $625.00

2014 Registration Form

What to Bring List: Word | PDF

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