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2013 Newsletters - Wild Blueberry Newsletter – May 2013

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 May 2013

Mummy Berry Blight Scouting

Mummy berry disease can cause serious loss of yield by blighting the developing leaves and flowers. By the time you see the damage to the plants, it is too late for control. If you have had this disease in the past, then protective treatments need to be applied to prevent injury. For details see Wild Blueberry Fact Sheet 217,  A Method to Control Monilinia Blight, .

Seanna Annis has deployed the weather stations for better coverage of the state this year.  Information on the progress of the fungus in the monitored sites and suggested timings for fungicide treatments will be sent to growers on our email list. You can also call our toll free line for information 1-800-897-0757 and press 3 or you can find information on our Wild Blueberry Blog at

Putting out a mummy berry plot in your field will allow you to more accurately monitor the fungus under your field conditions and reduce the number of fungicide sprays needed. This method is illustrated in the Mummy berry Disease Forecasting Method  PDF on the wild blueberry website.  Contact Seanna Annis if you wish to participate at

Once bloom occurs, you can scout your fields to look for blighted leaves and blossoms to get an indication of how well your treatments worked and to assess the potential for disease pressure in the next crop year.  

Correction to Spotted Wing Drosophila Traps Fact Sheet

In the supplies section of the fact sheet the container size is listed as a one-quart size this should be one-pint.  The container size is not that important, but having a red trap with 1/8 inch hoes hung at 4-6 feet and adding yeast will give you a better trap that will catch more flies earlier.

I have also had requests of where to get the cups and lids.  I have compiled a list with links that is included with this newsletter and will be posted on the wild blueberry web site fact sheet section under insects at .

Solo Cup and Lid sources
Solo P16RLR-00011 Red 16 oz. Plastic Cup 1000 / CS $116.60
Solo 626TP-0090 Clear Flat Lid – No Straw Slot 1000/CS $37.99 
SOLO CUP Cold Cup, 16 Oz, Plastic, Red, PK 1000  $232.25
SOLO CUP Disposable Lid, White, 16 oz, PK 500 $144.20
Just lids 50 to 10,000
SOLO® Straw Slot Lids for Galaxy® Cold Cups, 16 oz., 1,000/Case Item: 861869  Model: 668TS $59.95/1,000



David E. Yarborough
Extension Blueberry Specialist

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