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Weeds - 247-Weeds 7

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Fact Sheet No. 247, UMaine Extension No. 2200

Prepared by David E. Yarborough and Timothy M. Hess, The University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469.  Replaces March 1987 by Tom DeGomez, David Yarborough and Christopher Campbell. Revised April 2002.

Dogbane, Apocynum androsaemifolium
Flowering herbaceous perennial, flowers June-July.  Reddish stems 1′-4′ tall grow from horizontal rootstocks, branches smooth and spreading.  Oval leaves opposite, 2″-4″ long and 1″-2.5″ wide, often drooping on short stalks.  Flowers pinkish, bell shaped and about 1/4″ wide, seed pods 4″ long and narrow, can be confused with bush honeysuckle.  All parts exude white liquid when broken.

Dogbane flowers.
Figure 1: Dogbane flowers.
Dogbane plant.
Figure 2:  Dogbane plant.

Hawkweed, Hieracium pratense
Herbaceous flowering perennial, flowers June-July.  Hairy 1′-2′ tall, mostly leafless stems with many leaves at base.  Ovate, hairy, basal untoothed leaves 2″-5″ long and 1/2″-7/8″ wide.  Dandelion-like flower, orange-yellow, up to 1/2″ across.

Hawkweed Plant.
Figure 3: Hawkweed Plant.
Hawkweed flower.
Figure 4: Hawkweed flower.

St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum
Flowering herbaceous perennial, flowers July-August.  Stems reddish and branching, 1′-2.5′ tall, woody at base.  Leaves oblong, entire, sessile, up to 1.5″ long with numerous, conspicuous translucent dots.  Numerous, five parted yellow 3/4″-1″ wide flowers clustered at branch ends.

St. Johnswort plant.
Figure 5: St. Johnswort plant.
St. Johnswort flowers.
Figure 6: St. Johnswort flowers.
St. Johnswort seed heads
Figure 7: St. Johnswort seed heads

Sheep Sorel, Rumex acetosella
Flowering herbaceous perennial, flowers May-September.  Stems slender 6″-18″ arising from a crown.  Alternate leaves distinctly arrow shaped with broad lobes and bitter taste, 1″-4″ long.  Red to yellow flowers at top of plant, small and clustered in a whorl, male and female flowers on separate plants.

Sheep Sorel
Figure 8: Sheep Sorel
Sheep Sorel
Figure 9: Sheep Sorel

Bush Honeysuckle, Diervilla lonicera
Flowering perennial shrub, flowers May-June.  Bush 2′-4′ tall, twigs with 4 densely hairy ridges when young, oblong, opposite leaves oval at base and tapering at tip, toothed and pointed at end with short leaf stock.  Flowers yellow and funnel shaped, grow in twos or threes at tips of stems and are 3/4″ long with protruding stamens.

Bush honeysuckle
Figure 10: Bush honeysuckle

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