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Frost and Botrytis risk in some areas May 29th

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In Northern Hancock at our Silsby Plains site and at our Deblois and Cherryfield weather station locations in Washington county, there were frost conditions overnight from Wed. May 28th to Thurs. May 29th.  Lee Beers is a PhD student studying cold tolerance in blueberries and his research has found conditions from 28 F to 24 F will cause some minor damage to flowers but temperatures below 24F will kill many flowers.  Temperatures at Cherryfield dipped to at least 26 F and at Deblois and Silsby Plains to dipped to 22 F for a number of hours.    All of the other weather station locations had temperatures above 30 F overnight.

Botrytis Risk

Two weather station locations, Dresden Mills and West Rockport reported weather conditions that produce a high risk of Botrytis infections, IF the fungus is present in a field.   This does not mean fields will get Botrytis, just that there is a risk of infection if the fungus is present.

Fields with mummy berry disease will also have killed blossoms, so please look at the symptoms to determine what has killed your blossoms.  Please take a look at previous blog posts or emails  for pictures and descriptions of the symptoms for Mummy berry blight, Botrytis blossom blight, and frost.

  Any questions please call Seanna Annis  1-800-897-0757 (Maine only), or email at

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