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Sharon Simon of the National Labor College conducts a Bureau program

Sharon Simon of the National Labor College conducts a Bureau program

Labor Education Programs

Programs tailored to your organizational needs

Bureau staff can conduct on-site labor education programs and presentations throughout Maine. We offer daytime or evening class schedules at the convenience of group(s) served.

Topics covered can include:

  • Stewards Training & Grievance Handling
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Women & Work
  • Worker & Union Rights Under Employment Law
  • Labor History
  • Organizing & Collective Bargaining in a Global Environment
  • Leadership Development
  • Other Labor Education Topics of Interest

Organized Labor in MaineParticipants include:

  • workers employed in the public and private sectors, both organized and unorganized;
  • leaders, officers, and staff of union organizations;
  • government official and public policy makers;
  • educators and students;
  • unemployed and underemployed workers;
  • other members of the greater Maine community.

There may be a minimal program fee to cover Bureau expenses. To arrange for a customized program or presentation, please contact the Bureau by phone at 207 581-4124, or drop an e-mail to

Undergraduate Education in Labor Studies

Photo of Female Draughts

Photo courtesy of National Association of Women in Construction -

The Bureau of Labor Education also has developed the following three credit undergraduate courses, which are structured to be taught on line for students, workers, union leaders and staff, educators, public policy makers, and other members of the Maine community. Those interested in taking one or both of these courses should check with the Bureau regarding when they will be offered and how to register.

LST 101 – Introduction to Labor Studies

Introduction to the field of Labor Studies, which comprises an interdisciplinary area of study encompassing the labor movement and labor organizations; work and the labor market; social class; employment law and relations; labor economics; diversity in work and the labor movement; and the sociology of work.

LST 201 – Work and Labor in a Global Environment

Provides a critical analysis of U.S. labor and the workplace from a labor studies perspective. Topics include: a historical overview of labor, social class and work; the role of conflict, power, and inequality, including gender, race, and class; the evolution of employment law and labor relations; organization and role of unions; workforce diversity and demographics; labor and contemporary issues involving technology, corporations, politics, and the global economy.

For further information about the Bureau of Labor Education’s programs, courses, and/or publications, please contact this office through any of the following:

Phone: 207 581-4124
Fax: 207 581-4122
Mailing address:
5713 Chadbourne Hall
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5713

Bureau of Labor Education
5713 Chadbourne Hall, room 210
Orono, Maine 04469
Phone: (207) 581-4124 | Fax: (207) 581-4122
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469