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Bureau of Labor Education

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Now available for download:
The updated
A Maine Guide to Employment Law
2008 edition

PDF Download (133 pages, 1.9 MB)

The Guide is available in hardcopy format from our office, for $5/copy.
Contact the Bureau to order.
207 581-4124

Maine Labor History

The University of Maine Bureau of Labor Education is the sole publisher of scholarly works by Dr. Charles Scontras on Maine’s rich labor heritage. Because labor history has been largely overlooked by historians of Maine, these books contain material that is not available elsewhere. They are essential reading for anyone looking for a well-rounded account of Maine’s history.

Labor History Titles

Available from the University of Maine bookstore:


or call the Bureau for availability
from our office:
207 581-4124

Safety Manuals for Industry

The Bureau periodically delivers safety training through OSHA grants. The most recent grant was designed for construction workers.

The Safety Handbook produced for this construction safety grant is available for free download in PDF format here.

The previous grant provided training for shipyards and boatyards. Over the course of the grant, over 500 Maine ship- and boat-yard employers and employees received on-site safety training and consultations.

The Safety Handbook produced for the shipyard/boatyard grant is available for free download in PDF format here.

The Instructors’ Manual produced for the shipyard/boatyard grant is available for free download in PDF format here.

Briefing Papers
on policy issues of current interest

Right to Work Update: 2013 (PDF)
Spring 2013

Working Conditions and Patient Safety:  Safe Staffing in Maine’s Hospitals (PDF)

Oklahoma, Maine, Migration and “Right to Work”: A Confused and Misleading Analysis (PDF)
Spring 2012

What You Need to Know About… Workers’ Compensation (PDF) Spring 2012

The Truth about “Right to Work” Laws (PDF)
Spring 2011

Who Pays and Who Benefits?

21st Century Tax Reform for Maine (PDF)

Responsible Contractors Help Build Thriving Communities (PDF)

Update on Labor’s Demographics (PDF)

The Minimum Wage:
Two Generations of Neglect Add Up (PDF)
Spring 2010

Fair Pay and Fair Contracting: Maine’s Prevailing Wage Laws (PDF)

Stretching the Law II: The Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors (PDF)

Hot Jobs Update: 2008 Outlook for Maine’s Women Workers (PDF)
Spring 2008

Privatization Pitfalls (PDF)
Spring 2008

The Three E’s: Attaining Occupational Health and Safety Through Education, Engineering, and Enforcement (PDF)
Spring 2008

Restoring the Right to Organize: Impacts of the Employee Free Choice Act (PDf)
Fall 2008

Stretching the Law, Stressing the State: Misclassified Workers in Maine’s Construction Industry (PDF)
Spring 2007

What Counts, and Who’s Counting? Maine’s Business Climate 2006 (PDF)
Winter 2006

Project Labor Agreements and Construction in Maine (PDF)
June 2005

Hot Jobs Update: 2005 Outlook for Maine’s Women Workers (PDF)
Spring 2005

Hot Jobs or Not So Hot? Outlook for Maine’s Women Workers (PDF)
Spring 2003

Fair Weather or Foul? Maine’s Business Climate Revisited (PDF)
Summer 2002

Thinking Outside the Box: The Challenge of Maine’s Regional Service Centers (PDF)
Winter 2002

The U.S. Healthcare System: Best in the World, or Just the Most Expensive? (PDF)
Summer 2001

Labor’s Demographics: Report for 2001 (PDF)
Spring 2001

Maine’s Development Dilemma (PDF)

The Minimum Wage: Issues to Consider (PDF)

The full version of these papers are available here in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your machine, follow the link below to download your free copy.

Printing tip: If the text seems too small when you print a paper from Acrobat Reader, check the Print dialog, and set Page Scaling to None before printing.

Printed copies of some of these papers are available in limited quantities free of charge from the Bureau of Labor Education while supplies last. See our home page for information on how to contact our office.

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Contact Information

Bureau of Labor Education
5713 Chadbourne Hall, room 210
Orono, Maine 04469
Phone: (207) 581-4124 | Fax: (207) 581-4122E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469