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The facilities (structures) as well as the equipment (tractors, implements, machinery, tools, etc.) of a farm operation play an important role in the productivity and profitability of the farm. Facilities and equipment are typically thought of as investments and labor savers, but they can become a source of financial ruin for the farm. It is essential for the farmer to design or adapt, utilize and maintain all farm facilities and equipment for optimum use, efficiency and safety. This section lists resources by category to help farmers gain knowledge and understand how best to utilize space and equipment on the farm for housing, storage and productivity.


Farmstead Planning

Power (electricity, solar, wind)



Design & Construction

  • On-Farm Construction fact sheet – University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
  • MidWest Plan Service (MWPS) – Publications from Iowa State University about agricultural engineering, building design, air quality, manure management, agribusiness, tillage, and grain handling
  • Canada Plan Service (CPS) – series of plans in PDF format from Canadian network of agricultural engineers and livestock specialists concerned with the planning, design and construction of modern farm buildings

Building Plans from Land Grant Universities 

Building Maintenance and Use

Greenhouses/Hoop Houses

Sales Areas

Feed Storage

Product Storage (dry storage, refrigeration, root cellars)


 Tractors and Implements

Machinery Selection

Machinery Purchase or Lease?

Farm Machinery Maintenance

Farm Eqiupment Safety and Use

Farm Shop

Manure Handling & Storage

Waste Water Handling


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